Friday, March 10, 2023

March is National Reading Month

March is National Reading Month, a great time to reach out to struggling, reluctant readers with exciting adventures and mysteries sure to get them reading. Find yours here:

Monday, May 23, 2022

REVIEW - Mouse's Wood, A Year in Nature


This has to be one of the most beautiful books it has been my pleasure to review. All books from Thames & Hudson are of high quality, but this one is a cut above. I tried it out on one of our younger granddaughters and she loved it. In edition to the gorgeous artwork, she liked the rhyme. She also especially enjoys books with panels she can flip to find surprises under each one, and this book has lots of those.

Highly recommended.


From The Publisher: An exquisitely illustrated picture book with special die-cut flaps that follows the woodland ramblings of Mouse and highlights the change in seasons. 

Written with a gentle rhyme that reflects the slow pace of Mouse’s rambling journey, and illustrated in Alice Melvin’s inimitable style, Mouse’s Wood is a heartwarming celebration of slow living in nature. This beautifully designed book also features special die-cut flaps and includes a spread featuring a nature calendar of plants, birds, and animals for children to search for in the wild.

Mouse first ventures out in wintry January to visit his friend Squirrel. Mouse moves on to wake up Hedgehog for the arrival of spring, and as he continues along the path in the wood, Mouse’s journey from friend to friend maps out the changes in seasons from January through to December. 

Illustrated in color throughout

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Wednesday, March 2, 2022

My Colorful World: Making New Friends - REVIEW

When the review copy arrived, I read it right away to my 6 year-old granddaughter who was home from kindergarten. She's the one who picked up right away on how the main character began in black and white, and changed throughout the story into color. 

For many adults, walking into a group of strangers, and feeling comfortable, remains a struggle for a lifetime. Wouldn't it be better to learn these skills while children are still young? In this book, young readers are given positive ideas on how to make new friends. Girls will especially be drawn to the fairies in this story.

From the Author: Writing this book was an immense joy that was derived from my sweet granddaughter Arya (although I am her Bushie, just like my grandmothers and great grandmothers were bushies too.)

The concept behind this book has to do with how colorful friends make life. To show this, the illustrations were an intricate part of matching the text to the events. Arya starts out black and white at the story's beginnnig and by the end of it, she turns full color and ready to start her own adventures to help others become better by showing two important traits: caring and kindness.


From the Back Cover

Here's a secret just for you: making new friends is exciting! There are so many ways you can make a good friend, especially when you get a little help from others who care. Join Arya on her friend making journey.

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Whitney Wins Everything - REVIEW

Since reviewing "Milo Does Not Like Mornings" months ago, it continues to be a favorite for my 6 year-old granddaughter. That book is slanted more toward boys. This new book, "Whitney Wins Everything," will please girls just a much. In both books, young readers will find several pages where they are challenged to hunt for little Ninjas hidden in the artwork.

This new book is an excellent addition to the series and will be enjoyed by young readers.

From the Publisher: From the author of the beloved children's book Milo Does Not Like Mornings comes the highly anticipated second book in the Tiny Ninja Books collection; Whitney Wins Everything.

Whitney is an athlete, a competitor, a powerhouse. Whitney loves to win and knows that everybody loves a winner. But when she isn't invited to a classmate's birthday party because she'll "win all the games," Whitney is confused. Now, Whitney wonders if her Tiny Ninja might be right, could there actually be more than one way to win?Find out in Whitney Wins Everything.

Every book in the Tiny Ninja Books collection centers on the idea that we are each born with our own Tiny Ninja who is the very best version of us; brave, strong, compassionate and kind. Our Tiny Ninjas are always there for us, all we have to do is listen.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Exciting adventures and mysteries great for summer reading.

Exciting adventures and mysteries, with cliffhanger chapter endings, that’ll keep middle grade readers coming back for more. Great for summer reading. 

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Apple Is Back


From The Publisher:

Apple is back for more hilarious and bad-tempered adventures in this latest rhyming romp in the Bad Apple series.

This is Apple. He’s not a normal, nice kind of apple. Not a peaceful piece of fruit, no siree. He’s rotten to the core. And this Bad Apple is back and grumpier than ever after his run-in with Snake, who nearly ate him whole. In this latest adventure, it’s up to Granny Smith and her posse of golden apples to step in to teach Bad Apple a lesson. But he stoops to a new low and seals them up in a delicious apple crumble.

In this irreverent book by award-winning author Huw Lewis Jones, a truly terrible piece of fruit is wreaking havoc far beyond the rim of the fruit bowl. Illustrated in a deadpan, painterly style by Ben Sanders, Apple Grumble is sure to entertain the entire family.

Illustrated in color throughout


Our young readers thoroughly enjoyed the first installment by these two. He truly is a BAD APPLE
and they loved that. So if you believe an apple a day is good for you, here are two to consider.

Max Elliot Anderson

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Classic Books Beautifully Adapted For Today's Young readers

Starry Forest Books started in 2016 as a boutique publisher creating custom product for Barnes & Noble. Since then, they have published top-selling series including Baby’s Big World, Classic Stories, and Baby’s Classics.

I have read all five selections seen in the picture above. They were an instant hit with our little ones.

The artwork is beautiful, colors are brilliant, and the the overall production quality of the books is top-notch.

Each book is an adaptation of a widely known classic. Find these and many others in your favorite bookstore or online on Amazon at: 

Publisher’s website: 

Review by: Max Elliot Anderson author of middle grade adventures and mysteries